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Name Run Description Amount Goal
Stormy Ascent crash bandicoot A level that was removed late in development from Crash 1 for being too difficult. Regardless, it was completed and is still in the game code. $470.00 $350.00
The Biggest Skip spyro: year of the dragon Recently discovered major skip. Runners will still play the originally planned route, but if met, will show off this trick as well. $756.00 $500.00
Viewtiful World Music Video viewtiful joe A silly music video to show off at the end of the game. $683.00 $500.00
File Name super monkey ball 2 $801.70
Master Mode Race super monkey ball 2 Race through master mode as well. $526.95 $500.00
Chaco's lipstick and curly's panties cave story Chaco's lipstick and curly's panties $527.00 $400.00
Game Choice tas bot/tas block Super Mario Bros.3 with warps vs Super Mario 64 0-star $456.25
I Wanna be the Guy Gaiden i wanna be the guy Have Yagamoth play IWBTG: Gaiden $1,265.00 $1,000.00
Extreme Difficulty ducktales remastered The alternative is Easy, which isn't even a difficulty. $775.00 $750.00
Music Type ducktales remastered Original vs Remixed. $518.66
Sing the Theme Song ducktales remastered Life is like a Hurricane, here in Duckburg. $515.00 $500.00
No Items Run darkwing duck $95.00 $750.00
Higher Difficulty and Roll Call kendo rage Higher difficulty mode gives a bonus enemy roll call before the credits. $124.00 $600.00
Character Choice legend of mystical ninja Both characters have different weapons and learn different attacks, but for the most part are roughly identical. See gamefaqs if you're really curious as to what's different. $103.00
How many dots are on Mr. Domino's back (0-9) no one can stop mr. domino Breakdown has been diligently training with all 10 possible variations of dottedness to ensure a high quality run regardless of the outcome. You can't stop Mr. Domino, but you can make sure he runs around in the most optimal of style. $170.01
Voice Clips power shovel Needs no explanation. $420.00 $600.00
Cosplay and Singing sonic r $1,131.00 $1,000.00
Difficult Mode mega man 2 It was the normal mode for Rockman 2 anyways, what are you afraid of? $2,080.99 $2,000.00
Glitched Run super mario world 2: yoshi's island Will do a glitched any% after the 100% run. $3,099.02 $2,500.00
Shirtless Tri-Hex super mario world 2: yoshi's island $3,688.39 $3,000.00
Shirt On Tri-Hex super mario world 2: yoshi's island $164.20 $3,000.00
Which Ending? bioshock Must be decided before the start of the game (or rather, before the first little sister encounter). $1,219.00
"A Bomb!" and Gunther's Killphrase deus ex 500$ each. Video Game voice acting is the best acting. $1,036.66 $1,000.00
Which ending? deus ex $645.40
Glitch Exhibition duke nukem 3d A variety of fun and interesting exploits that wouldn't otherwise be seen in the normal run. $1,578.00 $1,500.00
Secret map, "Go 2 it" final doom: the plutonia experiment Super secret level accessed from MAP31: Cyberden. A highly modified version of Doom II's MAP01: Entryway. $2,444.21 $2,000.00
Which Game? doom 1 vs. 2 bid war $3,066.00
Legendary Difficulty halo 2 You face opponents who have never known defeat, who laugh in alien tongues at your efforts to survive. This shouldn't be too hard. $3,681.51 $3,000.00
Tuxedo Snake metal gear solid A tuxedo is an outfit for formal evening occasions, traditionally of black or dark color, and consisting of a suit, a bow-tie, and a cummerbund. $1,500.00 $1,500.00
Who to save? metal gear solid Please include your detailed ending theory with your comment. $952.00
Costume metal gear rising Choice of which costume Raiden should wear. $1,015.37
Run Category battletoads any% vs. warpless $415.00
16 bags of Cash streemerz Extra collectibles along the way. $110.00 $800.00
HARD! Mode bucky o' hare HARD! mode makes you die in one hit in a game full of bullets. It was intended to be an impossible to beat anti-piracy measure. For details, see:'Hare_(NES) $2,000.99 $2,000.00
Shirtless Caleb Hart mega man x Marvel at Caleb's flawlessly sculpted body. $1,840.07 $1,500.00
Character Choice mega man x4 $1,387.99
Character Choice super mario bros.: the lost levels $323.92
Any% Warps Run super mario bros. If met, we'll see a quick extra run by the master of mario, andrewg. $2,448.90 $2,000.00
Small Fire Mario super mario bros. Hint: This normally isn't possible. $1,044.00 $1,000.00
Warps Run by Mitch super mario bros. 3 Still can't get enough Mario? No problem. If met, mitch will run this after the 100% run. $2,959.01 $2,500.00
Small Mario Run super mario world Mario only, no items, final destination. $4,116.55 $4,000.00
File Name the legend of zelda: a link to the past 4 Character Limit $2,034.96
File Name the legend of zelda: link's awakening dx 5 Character limit. Alphabetic characters only. $801.66
Glitched Run the legend of zelda: link's awakening dx Hey, I think there's some magic behind that doghouse... $3,715.16 $3,000.00
All Dungeons the legend of zelda: twilight princess Normally one would skip Goron Mines, Temple of Time, and half of Snowpeak Ruins. $5,576.00 $5,000.00
File Name the legend of zelda: twilight princess 8 Character limit. Alphanumeric characters only. $8,006.50
Horse Name the legend of zelda: twilight princess 8 Character Limit. Alphanumeric characters only. $1,695.51
Shrekimono vs Kazaam barkley shut up and jam! gaiden Two mutually exclusive items. $643.00
Singalong barkley shut up and jam! gaiden SDA Vs. Quad City DJ’s $2,039.92 $2,000.00
Ending Choice bastion $789.00
Setting Sail, Coming Home duet bastion Vulajin +1 to sing the credits song from Bastion. $1,078.00 $1,000.00
Star Wars Gangsta Rap star wars snes It's not the east or the west side... $1,038.37 $1,000.00
Which Game is Played star wars snes $1,953.62
Character Choice golden axe Fun fact from Wikipedia: Makoto Uchida, the primary developer of the game, was also responsible for the creation of Altered Beast. The more you know. $280.55
Which Game is Played fire emblem 7/sacred stones $4,472.20
Boy's Name secret of mana 6 Character Limit $1,180.00
Girl's Name secret of mana 6 Character Limit $1,081.00
Glitch Exhibition secret of mana A Square game with bugs? Well, now I've seen everything. $3,100.00 $3,000.00
Sprite's Name secret of mana 6 Character Limit $1,250.00
Type of run star fox 64 $2,241.70
Glitches Exhibition donkey kong 64 Show off how busted this game is $292.00 $1,000.00
Glitched Warps Run donkey kong country If met, will do a short glitched run after the 101% run. $4,043.68 $4,000.00
File Name donkey kong country 3 5 Character Limit $891.85
Warpless Run donkey kong country 3 Exactly what it says on the tin. $1,591.20 $5,000.00
Glitched Text Storage diddy kong racing Mess with the in-game text. $724.83 $5,000.00
Character Choice castlevania bloodlines $510.01
Alucard any% run castlevania: symphony of the night Extra run after the race. $3,040.37 $3,000.00
Toads Turnpike in Extra mode (after the run) mario kart 64 $11,500.90 $2,500.00
Deathborn 25 second head start f-zero gx As in: he's giving Deathborn a 25 second head start. Really. $2,691.30 $2,500.00
Very Hard f-zero gx Unlike many games, GX actually means it. $5,512.51 $5,000.00
Hambuger Helper Costume glover Wait, doesn't he already look like Hamburger Helper? $1,053.49 $1,000.00
Hand Cam glover The hands of the person playing (we can already see Glover just fine). Proof that, contrary to popular belief, this game is actually playable. $868.20 $1,000.00
Bonus Animation Frames pac-man 2: the new adventures Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wee-ooo wee-ooo wee-ooo wee-ooo wakka wakka wakka wakka. $604.02 $2,000.00
Super Secret Level attack of the killer tomatoes No longer a secret to anybody. $556.00 $500.00
Low% contra Pea-shooter only. $510.00 $1,500.00
Shirtless% contra The only way the game was meant to be played. $641.48 $1,500.00
Fire% contra iii: the alien wars Beat the game using the flamethrower. I swear, its possible! $1,859.00 $3,000.00
Sword-Only ninja gaiden 2 Because this game wasn't hard enough already. $1,256.35 $2,500.00
Save or Kill Ora mark of the ninja One of the two is ever so slightly faster. $525.00
Easter Egg and Glitch Exhibition hitman: blood money Always a good time. $3,520.00 $3,000.00
All Trinkets vvvvvv Extra collectibles to be obtained throughout the game. $5,170.99 $5,000.00
Scenario Bid War age of empires 2 Select which campaign will be run. (Restricted to the 5 the runner thinks are most interesting to watch). $915.05
Hazard Course half-life Training Level. $3,890.47 $6,000.00
Run Type portal $8,407.27
Axton Name borderlands 2 32 Character Limit, played by TeaWrex $1,597.00
Face McShooty Sidequest borderlands 2 Not the knee, not the arm, not the spine, FACE! $4,956.00 $4,000.00
Gaige Name borderlands 2 32 Character Limit, played by ProfessorBroman $2,690.00
Language borderlands 2 $23,350.23
Maya Name borderlands 2 32 Character Limit, played by iMysty. $734.00
Space Program borderlands 2 Haven't you always wanted to go into space? $1,105.00 $1,000.00
Team Cosplay borderlands 2 Each will be the characters they are playing as (Ubergoose = Zero, iMysty = Maya, TeaWrex = Axton, ProfessorBroman = Gaige) $5,214.14 $5,000.00
Zero Name borderlands 2 32 Character Limit, played by UberGoose $1,167.00
Route Choice dishonored $4,328.00
No Esc key antichamber The escape key warps you back to the main hub, without it, this is basically a warpless run. $1,031.00 $1,000.00
Soundtrack Choice tony hawk's underground 2 $1,056.00
Blindfolded Bonus Run mr. driller drill spirits Eyes, who needs 'em? $2,002.00 $2,000.00
Ekans Name pokemon soul silver Intimidate slave (intimidate is a skill, though ekans is kinda terrifying anyways). $1,156.33
Mewtwo Name pokemon soul silver Because Mewtwo, why not? $2,584.01
Rival Name pokemon soul silver 7 Character Limit $1,627.01
Sentret Name pokemon soul silver Cut and Surf slave. $352.00
Trainer Name pokemon soul silver 7 Character Limit $1,399.34
Blindfolded mike tyson's punch-out!! Seeing things is overrated. $10,035.27 $10,000.00
Blindfolded super punch-out $5,336.25 $5,000.00
Filename super punch-out $280.35
File Name the legend of zelda: majora's mask 8 Character Limit $6,463.25
File Name the legend of zelda: ocarina of time 8 Character Limit, top 2 will be used. $3,143.63
Glitch exhibition the legend of zelda: ocarina of time Watch how buggy this game can be $5,689.12 $5,000.00
Suit Choice metroid prime $4,209.73
Spore Spawn RTA Race super metroid The most fearsome boss on all of Zebes, only the most foolish of speedrunners would dare face it. $5,304.01 $5,000.00
What to do with the Animals? super metroid To avoid splitting the vote, the 'ignore' and 'taunt' options will both contribute towards 'kill', and if that wins, the higher among the two will be chosen. Have at it people! $67,513.29
Route Choice metroid zero mission $4,889.04
Multiplayer Match goldeneye If met, will be played on-stream in all its 4-player, laggy glory. $10,199.05 $10,000.00
Play the Aztec/Egypt levels goldeneye Hard optional missions. $5,650.50 $5,000.00
File Name perfect dark 10 Character Limit $1,246.00
Expansion Cups f-zero x One of the very, VERY few uses for the N64DD. $2,625.00 $2,500.00
Star 242 - The perfect run super mario galaxy 2 Maybe the hardest Mario level in history beasted by Yoshifan. $15,223.01 $15,000.00
after run paper mario $1,140.00
Invite Luigi to the party paper mario Luigi is always getting the shaft, so be a good bro and let him come to the party! $6,351.55 $5,000.00
What to do with Whacka paper mario Over the course of the run, Whacka is going to get whacked several times for an item called Whacka bump. Doing it enough times might kill him. $5,360.77
Hand Cam super mario 64 Verify for yourself that he is indeed only using 1 hand. $10,242.42 $10,000.00
File Name the legend of zelda: wind waker hd $26,164.82
100% Run chrono trigger All side-quests and optional bosses. $30,052.40 $30,000.00
Ayla Name chrono trigger 5 Character Limit $4,650.00
Chrono Name chrono trigger 5 Character Limit $42,315.44
Epoch name chrono trigger Name the Wings of Time! 5 character limit. $26,243.51
Frog Name chrono trigger 5 Character Limit $16,020.69
Lucca Name chrono trigger 5 Character Limit $8,494.36
Magus Name chrono trigger 5 Character Limit $20,741.77
Marle Name chrono trigger 5 Character Limit $3,261.00
New Game + Run chrono trigger Witness the infamous 'Developers' ending. $10,650.00 $10,000.00
Robo Name chrono trigger 5 Character Limit $18,244.14
waifu battle chrono trigger $14,040.78
Arkham Asylum - Environmental Challenge bonus stream During Harley, Cave Titan and Joker fights thugs may only be taken down with environmental hazards. (Except for the titans themselves) $215.00 $100.00
Arkham Asylum - Party Pooper bonus stream Get the Party Pooper achievement by beating up 20 crude dudes in a cramped space. $127.00 $100.00
Kiss Monitor-chan bonus stream Will Kiryua and the GDQ Monitor find true love while a jealous spike watches on and thinks of Footbigmike? Donate to find out how this true love story ends! $381.00 $125.00
Mario Party 2 Map bonus stream Mystery Land is Banned in Competitive MP2 matches. Deal with it. $1,185.77
MMX3: Snes vs. GCN version bonus stream The Catogory Low% is really different depending on version. Snes version(Buster Only Low%): Being the first version everything is pretty normal. This does not have a special glitch which all disc versions have. not yet a WR category but I want to make it so. GCN Version (Low% MMX Collection): No Lag, You walk climb faster , when you walk and jump you jump higher and faster and this version has a glitch which skips all the 8 mavericks and you have to do this 4 times. it's somewhat frame precise. The Run is really interesting. Suicide% go. I Hold the WR in this category. $1,572.18
Naegleria Head Shave bonus stream Have Naegleria shave his head while playing F-Zero GX. Everything else would literally be the most scrub tier play ever. $1,094.66 $1,000.00
Rayman Legends Character Choice bonus stream There are three characters that UberGoos can play as in his run which are unlocked from the start. $70.00
Rick Dangerous Speedrun bonus stream Have RoboSparkle literally play and complete the greatest I Wanna Be the Spelunky game that was ever made in the early 90s for the Amiga on a 3.5" floppy. If we reach $1000 then Mike Uyama will play first. He enjoyed Toki after all, so this should be fun for him, right? $65.00 $500.00
Sound Shapes casual% bonus stream Casual run of the other main albums included with Sound Shapes $135.00 $125.00
Bonus Game: Actraiser 2 To be played during the First setup block on Monday. $1,055.00 $1,000.00
Bonus Game: Donkey Kong 64 Any%. To be played during the Wednesday setup block. $6,471.81 $6,400.00
Bonus Game: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim To be played during the Thursday setup block. $5,012.50 $5,000.00
Bonus Game: E.T. Couldn't possibly be that bad, could it? (To be played during the AwfulGDQ block). $1,002.09 $1,000.00
Bonus Game: Luigi's Mansion I ain't afraid of no bonus games. Saturday setup block. $5,046.57 $5,000.00
Bonus Game: Minecraft Its minecraft! 'Nuff said. $20,291.00 $20,000.00
Bonus Game: Mystery Game Unravel the mystery. To be played during the Thursday after the ninja block. $5,407.21 $5,000.00
Bonus Game: Smash Bros Melee Top 3 Finals. To be played on the bonus stream, at noon. $15,005.61 $15,000.00
Bonus Game: Sonic 06 Because you can't get enough bad games (to be played sometime during AwfulGDQ). $6,096.00 $6,000.00
Bonus Game: Super Mario Land 2 To be played during the Tuesday setup block. $2,630.20 $2,500.00
Bonus Game: Tony Hawk 3 To be played right after Tony Hawk: American Wasteland. $5,127.00 $5,000.00
Bonus Game: X-men: Mutant Apocalypse To be played during the Wednesday setup block. $2,094.00 $2,000.00
Dark Souls Speedrun - Ubergoose Get $50,000 in and Ubergoose will do the dark souls $2,607.65 $50,000.00
Simon Viklund NES Remix Simon Viklund is a Swedish video game music composer and sound designer. He has graciously offered to remix the soundtrack to one of the NES games being played at our marathon (and will stream the entire creation of it on his twitch channel). Which game? You decide! website: twitch: Available only during the first 48 hours of our marathon. $3,303.20

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