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Total: $180,171.95Choice Total: $101,573.75Challenge Total: $78,598.20

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Name Run Description Amount Goal
Save Meryl or Save Otacon metal gear solid $963.37
Sniper Wolf Fist Fight metal gear solid Yes, it's possible. $547.12 $200.00
Tuxedo Snake metal gear solid Make Snake wear a Tuxedo! $387.00 $300.00
DLC level Blind with reversed controls hotline miami $426.00 $250.00
Teh Urn Dance luigi's mansion Make Bonesaw577 perform teh urn dance! For all two of you who don't know the dance, $736.68 $500.00
Evolution Choice e.v.o. the search for eden Choose whether DW transforms into a mammal or bird. Fish is off-limits, sorry. $330.00
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly run spyro 2: ripto's rage Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly glitched run by Omegagalax. It will offset the schedule by a whopping 5 minutes. $462.00 $300.00
Costume choice Nier Choose between Normal, Samurai and Kabuki costumes. $272.37
Name Choice Nier $353.00
Race between funkdoc and sinister batman $538.25 $500.00
Hard mode ecco: tides of time $888.35 $750.00
Have Wawlconut play Donkey Kong Land ecco: tides of time #freetheland $515.00 $500.00
George Foreman KO Boxing sonic the hedgehog (sms) Let Adam rep the best team after SMS Sonic. $301.00 $300.00
Amy's Story sonic adventure dx Play Amy's story. $427.23 $400.00
Big the Cat sonic adventure dx The epic story of an oppressed villager striking back against the Hedgehog Empire. $567.00 $500.00
Big the Cat RACE!!!!! sonic adventure dx ADAMAK RACE HYYYYYYYYYPE! $782.45 $500.00
Play the Cutscenes mega man 8 Doctor Wah-wee. $490.00 $400.00
Black Zero mega man x4 Play as Black Zero with a purple sword $201.00 $200.00
Iris Cutscene mega man x4 Donate for the best cutscene on earth. $568.05 $505.00
Mega Man X5 or X6 mega man x5 or x6 bid war Choose between Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6 $1,866.87
Save Rush rockman 4: minus infinity Here's one animal everyone likes saving. $575.71 $500.00
Rosenkreuzstilette vs Freudenstachel rosenkreuzstilette/ freudenstachel Determine which game is being played. $509.60
Costume colors super house of dead ninjas Choose between Yae, Pepsiman, and Hot Pink $89.21
Bring back Warth! oddworld: stranger's wrath $100.00 $100.00
Language oddworld: stranger's wrath $255.13
Wolvark Dam skip oddworld: stranger's wrath $270.00 $250.00
Glitched run and storage diddy kong racing $687.41 $650.00
Character choice crash team racing Coco or N.Gin $389.25
Song choice dr. mario 64 Choice between Fever, Chill, Cube, and Que Que $85.00
Maxim any% castlevania: harmony of dissonance Open up a glitchy run! $320.00 $300.00
DS Castlevania choice castlevania: order of ecclesia Choose between Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, and Order of Ecclesia $4,601.13
Spikevegeta Dance! castlevania 64 Yes $1,082.80 $850.00
Super Ultra secret donation incentive double dragon ii: the revenge It's a secret to everbody! $1,003.53 $1,000.00
Ninja Gaiden race bionic commando Between Sinister1 and Duckfist $746.00 $600.00
name choice crystalis top two names will be used, six characters $100.00
File name zelda ii: the adventure of link $425.13
5-heart challenge The Legend of Zelda Limit Link to 5 hearts. $1,030.02 $1,000.00
File name The Legend of Zelda 24 character limit $212.01
No potions The Legend of Zelda On top of only 5 hearts, no potions! $1,015.00 $1,000.00
Pacifist SOTN super dodge ball Oh yeah, it'll happen $2,501.55 $2,000.00
SotN Richter any% super dodge ball MechaRichter airslashing a lot and showing off his beard. $505.33 $500.00
The best glitch in SotN super dodge ball romscout does the best glitch in the game $315.00 $300.00
Suited vs. Suitless Samus metroid $235.00
1% nightmare challenge metroid fusion $867.77 $750.00
Watch Me Die difficulty doom 64 $1,186.00 $1,000.00
iateyourpie's hat paper mario $1,315.02
Make pie sing "Old Man River" paper mario $565.00 $500.00
Trihex + Spikevegeta fusion dance paper mario $1,120.20 $1,000.00
Bartz learns how to play piano final fantasy v $402.70 $400.00
Bartz's name final fantasy v 6 character limit $856.95
Fight Neo-Exdeath final fantasy v $541.00 $500.00
Fight the Gilgamesh battles final fantasy v Choose to fight the optional Gilgamesh battles. $831.00 $800.00
#SaveReimu final fantasy v Obda is evil $370.00 $300.00
Spikevegeta voice acts Gilgamesh final fantasy v $2,069.21 $2,500.00
Boy's name secret of evermore 12 characters $786.50
Dog's name secret of evermore 12 characters $1,962.38
Meet Cecil secret of evermore $300.00 $300.00
Meta Flexes after each boss kill secret of evermore $4,268.03 $4,000.00
Turn the Old Man into something! secret of evermore Basket vs. Chicken vs. Goat vs. Boring Human $190.50
Uncover Marketplace Secret secret of evermore $300.00 $300.00
Difficulty ranger-x $70 for normal, $140 for hard, and $210 for elite. $210.00 $210.00
Save Alyssa or let her drown comix zone jerk $215.00
Fuzzface! double dragon: neon $271.00 $250.00
Mighty Final Fight! double dragon: neon Watch Haggar piledriver! $840.00 $700.00
Make MBM watch and narrate the Teachy TV Pokemon Leaf Green $1,113.87 $1,000.00
Rival name Pokemon Leaf Green 7 character limit $1,486.57
Squirtle Pokemon Leaf Green 10 character limit $1,590.97
Trainer name Pokemon Leaf Green 7 character limit $1,413.16
Zapdos name Pokemon Leaf Green 10 character limit $2,213.22
Radio Station choice grand theft auto: vice city $2,753.34
Subtitle language grand theft auto: vice city English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian $1,290.64
File name Zelda: A Link to the Past Limit is 4 characters. $1,142.13
Category Choice super metroid Choose between low%, any%, and 100% $6,144.62
The animals! super metroid Kill them or save them? $33,630.06
Zoast hand cam super metroid Watch Zoast's hand acrobatics! $794.21 $800.00
16-star run super mario 64 $2,061.72 $2,000.00
Have Sicko race Siglemic in 16-star super mario 64 $2,436.20 $2,000.00
Warps run super mario bros. He rivals andrewg $730.89 $500.00
All Dragon Coins, moons and exits super mario world Above and beyond the normal 96 exits. $1,968.52 $1,500.00
Golden's courtesy coin super mario world !poll $693.15
Harvest Moon super mario world Sleepy% $2,099.99 $2,000.00
File name dark souls 13 character limit $2,118.50
Praise the sun during loading times \[T]/ dark souls $445.17 $350.00
100% solstice $740.00 $700.00
Glitched Blaster Master solstice It's a new kind of Blaster Master run on the PAL version $1,067.37 $1,000.00
SNK game solstice It's not Twinkle Star Sprites $1,257.11 $1,000.00
Blueglass + iateyourpie Old Man River duet rayman origins $10,271.00 $10,000.00
Platinum Medal Challenges kirby's return to dream land Donate to have Kirbymastah play the Platinum Medal Challenges $1,515.00 $1,500.00
True Arena kirby's return to dream land $1,733.17 $1,500.00
Cecil's name final fantasy iv $1,056.18
Cid's name final fantasy iv $415.00
Edward's name final fantasy iv $560.00
Fight Calcabrena final fantasy iv $410.00 $400.00
FuSoYa's name final fantasy iv $1,955.21
Kain's name final fantasy iv $2,206.43
Palom's name final fantasy iv $3,010.70
Play Die Hard music during DieHard% final fantasy iv $2,026.40 $2,000.00
Porom's name final fantasy iv $3,078.07
Rosa's name final fantasy iv $1,727.00
Rydia's name final fantasy iv $1,665.00
Rydia vs. Rydia final fantasy iv Yes, this is possible. $947.02 $800.00
Tellah's Name final fantasy iv $1,283.00
Yang's name final fantasy iv $1,023.45
File name The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 8 character limit $5,319.50
Horse name The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess $7,784.43
Melee Grand Finals - Cosmo vs. Mundungu The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Grand finals of the charity SSBM tourney, streamed on Tuesday at 8 PM EDT (GMT-4). $9,111.50 $5,000.00
shirtless teh urn dance The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess bonesaw teh urn dance $5,737.67 $3,000.00

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