Games Done Quick Game Submission Guide


Runners must adhere to these rules in order to have their submission be considered valid:

  • Runners and games must be eligible to appear on stream according to Twitch's Terms of Service.
  • Runners must be 18 years of age by the first listed date of the event.
  • Submissions must include a video of the game and category indicated, played by the submitter to completion. It must include anything they plan to show off during the event, including cutscenes and text. Estimates should be in real time, and not an in-game timer or other alternative timing method.
  • All participants in a multiplayer/co-op run or race must submit the same game and category

  • Runners must agree to Games Done Quick's Event Rules, found here:

How to Submit to GDQ Events

Create a GDQ account, if you do not already have one.

Visit your profile page. Everything related to the current event can be found there. Once your profile has been completed, return to the profile page, and the submission button will appear!

Submission Guidelines

Standard Speedruns

  • Runners submit their games one at a time during the submission period. Take your time on each submission, and don't worry, submissions will not be accepted or denied until the submission period is over.
  • Runners may submit categories that do not include completing the game. Examples of this include, Path of Legends in Pok√©mon Scarlet/Violet, Paladin% in FFIV, or Bingo submissions. Such submissions should still include a video of the category being played to its point of completion and comply with all other noted guidelines.
  • Runners are responsible for providing their own commentary and any additional commentators needed during their run. Unless otherwise noted, a maximum of 4 people including the runners may commentate a run.
  • We assume that all runs are performed without any third-party modifications to the game. Please reach out to us if your run requires a third-party modification to function.
  • Console-based games should be run on original console hardware or an official digital port such as Wii VC/Sony PSN/Steam. This expectation applies to remote runs as well as onsite runs.
  • For people submitting onsite runs, we expect you to be able to perform your run at any time on days you have marked as available.

Races and Race Considerations

  • Please be aware that submitting your game as a race does not guarantee its status as one and that the Games Committee reserves the right to modify the number of runners involved in any submission, for any reason.
  • We can support a maximum of 4-way races. We evaluate technical requirements and the watchability of the race when judging submissions.
  • Consider if it is possible for the race to be a blowout due to skill or RNG, or if runners can recover from a mistake during the race to prevent it from becoming a blowout.

Skill / Rhythm Showcases

  • Alternative showcases that aren't purely speedruns are welcome and encouraged. These types of submissions should show a high level of skill.
  • Examples of high-level showcases: Stepmania (AGDQ 2023), Tetris: The Grand Master (AGDQ 2015), Clone Hero (AGDQ 2020), Rocket League (AGDQ 2022).

TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun)

  • Video playback for TASes is permitted for TASes that cannot be console-verified.
  • TASers should submit individually, rather than jointly. Their runs will be treated individually, like other GDQ speedruns with full, proper attribution.
  • For any TASes that are accepted into the event, GDQ staff will hold a meeting with them to discuss any specific issues or requirements to ensure the best possible experience both for the runners and the viewers.

Online Run Considerations

  • To accommodate runners who are unable to physically attend AGDQ/SGDQ events, online run submissions (performed remotely from the runner's home) are allowed. There is a checkbox on the game submission form to mark the submission as online instead of onsite.
  • Online run slots are limited in number and timeslot, and submissions will also be more heavily scrutinized than onsite runs during games selection.
  • Availability for online runners is a major factor in game selection, so that the GDQ Games Committee can build a more cohesive schedule both for the event and for the technical team running it.
  • Online runners will be expected to have a strong & stable Internet connection (which can support streaming their gameplay at a minimum of 1500 kbps for modern/HD games or 1000 kbps for retro/SD games), and a good headset/microphone setup with easy to understand speech and minimal background noise.
  • Games that would be difficult or impossible to speedrun from the GDQ event venue for technical or logistics reasons (such as arcade games played on original arcade cabinet hardware) will be given preference for online run slots.
  • For retro console games, it is expected that the run be done on original console hardware or an official digital port (such as Nintendo Switch Online, Sony PSN Store, or Steam), the same as for onsite runs.

What the Games Committee looks for in run submissions

We will take into account the content of the video you are submitting in its entirety. This includes the commentary of anyone featured in it. Overly inappropriate content in your submission may lead to a denial of your run(s).

When we evaluate a run, we discuss it amongst ourselves and ask multiple questions, such as:

  • Is the runner's time a competitive time? We look at public leaderboards such as - we may look unfavorably at runs that are far from a world record in time/standing.
  • If there is commentary present, is it informative? Does the runner's commentary add to the enjoyment of the game? We may choose a more interactive and entertaining runner over one with a faster time if the two times are fairly close.
  • Is the game entertaining on its own merits? Does that entertainment value translate well to a wider audience? Does the runner do a good job of presenting the run to an audience that may not know the game?
  • How consistent are runs of this game? Can the run be reliably completed, or is there a risk of run-ending bad luck or mistakes?
  • If the game is long, such as an RPG, does it have enticing potential donation incentives? Does it have nostalgia in its favor? Does the run stay entertaining throughout the duration of the run?
  • Has the game been in our events or other speedrunning events before? How did it perform there?
  • Has the runner dropped a run unreasonably, or previously been a no-show?

Incentive Submissions

Incentives will now be selected separately after games list is published. You may submit incentives at any time, but we recommend doing so before the schedule is released. For alternate routes/categories, and glitch exhibitions please include a video of you performing the incentive.

Here are some examples of incentives that you could submit for your game:

  • Alternate routes/categories that add time to your submission. (e.g Hard instead of Normal difficulty, upgrading the category from Any% to 100%)
  • Character names bidwar (Please include character limits and if possible, what symbols the game accepts)
  • Glitch exhibitions
  • Different game languages or soundtracks (Suggested only for games where it adds entertainment value)
  • Extra challenges such as optional boss fights or playing a segment of the run blindfolded
  • Singing, or other non-gaming content related to your submission

Reminder: If you submit an incentive to us, you are committing to being able to perform that incentive. Not taking this form seriously may result in automatic denial of your submission. If you don't think you can reliably perform an incentive, don't submit it. It is better to have no incentives at all than to submit an incentive you do not want to perform or cannot perform reliably.

Even if an incentive is accepted, there is a chance that it will not be opened or not met, due to external circumstances.

You've submitted, now what?

As we go through the submission process, we'll update your run(s) to reflect one of these statuses:

  • Pending — Your submission is still in the review process.
  • Accepted — Your submission has been accepted to the event's game list. Make sure to complete attendee registration immediately!
  • Declined — Unfortunately, your submission was not accepted for this event.
  • Backup — Your game will be considered if there is a drop from the schedule. There is no expectation for you to attend, but we really appreciate it if you do.
  • Bonus — Your game will be included into the schedule as a donation incentive during the event. If we have not fallen far behind schedule, we will open up a donation incentive for your game approximately 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. If we do fall too far behind schedule, your run may be cut in order to regain time.
  • Emailed — We need more information from you about this run. Our committee will send you an email when you are given this status, so please check the email address associated with your GDQ account. If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder. If it is still missing, please contact us immediately at and be sure to mention your display name and run in question.

Submitted runs will be temporarily hidden from public view so that the committee has a chance to screen for inappropriate content. Your profile page will show you whether your submissions are publicly viewable. If you make any modifications to your submissions, the runs will be temporarily hidden until they have been screened. Editing a submission will not automatically alter your run's status.

If you made a mistake: You may immediately withdraw that submission and resubmit it, as long as the submission deadline has not been reached and your submission is still pending. Keep in mind there is no undo button for withdrawing a submission.

Disallowed Games

The following list of games have content, views, or an origin that we have deemed unsuitable for our stream. As a result we will not consider submissions of these games for any Games Done Quick Event:

  • Games with an ESRB rating of Adults Only.
  • Any game that is prohibited on twitch:
  • Air Control
  • America's Most Wanted
  • Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Series*
  • Frog Fractions
  • God of War (2005)
  • Harry Potter Series, including Hogwarts Legacy*
  • Huniepop Series
  • Ion Fury
  • Kurovadis
  • Eroico
  • Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho
  • Rocko's Quest

* Subject to further review in the future.

This list is non-exhaustive and may be altered at any time at the sole discretion of the Games Committee and Games Done Quick Management.