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Name Runners Hosts Commentators Description Start Time Run Time Bid Wars
AGDQ 2024 Pre-Show Pre-Show Interview Crew 2024-01-14T10:30:00-06:00 0:42:00 No
TUNIC Any% Unrestricted Radicoon AttyJoe kevinregamey, silentdestroyer 2024-01-14T11:12:00-06:00 0:21:42 Yes
Super Monkey Ball Master Helix AttyJoe limy, PeasSMB 2024-01-14T11:48:00-06:00 0:19:16 No
Donkey Kong Country 101% Tonkotsu AttyJoe Glan, V0oid 2024-01-14T12:21:00-06:00 0:53:27 Yes
SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake Any% PunchSh0t PippyInATopHat CheeseJayy, Jaxler, Kaons 2024-01-14T13:34:00-06:00 0:45:31 No
Tails Adventure Any% Glitchless Mindez PippyInATopHat AmberCyprian, Hibnotix 2024-01-14T14:37:00-06:00 0:40:48 No
Donkey Kong 64 No Levels Early Connor75 TheKingsPride 2dos, Brandino59, Zorulda 2024-01-14T15:38:00-06:00 2:04:08 No
The Checkpoint Day 1 - Sunday Tech Crew TheKingsPride 2024-01-14T17:50:00-06:00 0 No
F-Zero Grand Prix Zachary Ewing TheKingsPride Tedbear 2024-01-14T19:00:00-06:00 0:41:31 No
Ultimate Doom UV-Speed ZELLLOOO Prolix KingDime, peaches 2024-01-14T19:58:00-06:00 0:23:21 No
Jet Set Radio Future Any% yomsa Prolix 7thace, twinkachu 2024-01-14T20:41:00-06:00 1:36:33 Yes
Batman: Arkham City Any% ShikenNuggets musical_daredevil oneeyeddeacon 2024-01-14T22:45:00-06:00 1:00:54 Yes
Clock Tower Ending A vs Ending S Ecdycis musical_daredevil 2024-01-15T00:01:00-06:00 0:19:17 Yes
TimeShift Casual - Single Segment Shockwve Bobby Blackwolf amyrlinn, churchnsarge 2024-01-15T00:34:00-06:00 1:06:23 No
The Typing of the Dead Any% Arcade Settings peaches Bobby Blackwolf GoatedQuest 2024-01-15T01:52:00-06:00 0:28:56 No
Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu Any% Teleo1 Peace Egg Janglestorm, KLM 2024-01-15T02:50:00-06:00 0:40:44 No
Hime's Quest Any% skateman222 Peace Egg Janglestorm, Zic3 2024-01-15T03:42:00-06:00 0:18:34 No
Marble Madness II Any% Race yelsraek, Elipsis Peace Egg FlannelKat 2024-01-15T04:10:00-06:00 0:08:56 No
LONG LIVE THE AXE 100% Ukobarrywewa Peace Egg Synthy 2024-01-15T04:29:00-06:00 0:21:32 No
A Bug's Life Any% Zic3 Critique Quartz NallyQ, Skateman222 2024-01-15T05:01:00-06:00 0:21:24 No
Pitfall: The Lost Expedition Any% Blupee Critique Quartz Avasam, GaryJGames, JaymanW 2024-01-15T05:33:00-06:00 0:24:36 No
Worms Reloaded Campaign (No Level Skips) Mablak Critique Quartz RuffledBricks 2024-01-15T06:07:00-06:00 0:41:54 Yes
Cassette Beasts Any% Seeded Corvimae Quacksilver AChocolateOrange, EpicYoshiMaster, frozenflygone 2024-01-15T07:02:00-06:00 0:39:28 Yes
LEGO Bionicle: Quest for the Toa Any% Derek_MK Xenadir amyrlinn, isBullets 2024-01-15T08:06:00-06:00 0:14:18 No
Manifold Garden Reverse Tree Order Ozmourn Xenadir bobbyburm, hatkirby, RUBIEHART 2024-01-15T08:41:00-06:00 0:28:11 Yes
inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood Any% Mickspad Xenadir EmeraldAly, Ylando 2024-01-15T09:24:00-06:00 0:26:06 No
30XX Escape+ ateatree cartridgeblowers ck, mrcab55 2024-01-15T10:19:00-06:00 0:31:24 Yes
Mega Man 3 Any% KLM1187 cartridgeblowers ChoobsX, ITSaMe_Alex, mrcab55 2024-01-15T11:09:00-06:00 0:50:10 Yes
Mega Man 8 Any% MrCab55 cartridgeblowers ateatree, KLM, ppotdot1 2024-01-15T12:13:00-06:00 0:54:54 No
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 100% MrMiguel Threach BashPrime, Cosmonawt, CScottyW 2024-01-15T13:30:00-06:00 2:13:36 No
Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Any% Kyoslilmonster iggyzig alphena, DECosmic, Froob 2024-01-15T16:09:00-06:00 1:00:56 Yes
Whiplash Any% Jaxler iggyzig CorundumCore, Helix 2024-01-15T17:36:00-06:00 0:24:08 No
The Checkpoint Day 2 - Monday Tech Crew iggyzig 2024-01-15T18:06:00-06:00 0 No
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Hero Story vs Dark Story: All A-Ranks Deku_sr Char_bunny auraace, Drumbasher, drywall 2024-01-15T18:36:00-06:00 0:35:05 Yes
Only Up! Any% All Skips Mitchriz Nichole Goodnight Maxylobes 2024-01-15T19:21:00-06:00 0:16:36 No
BONUS GAME 1- Silent Hill 2 Hard/Hard Ecdycis Nichole Goodnight CarcinogenSDA, KatLink, NallyQ 2024-01-15T19:45:00-06:00 0:55:26 Yes
Pikmin 4 Rescue Olimar Kap Nichole Goodnight 360Chrism, Asheevee, Piepusher11 2024-01-15T21:04:00-06:00 1:18:10 Yes
StarCraft: Brood War Any% Zerg Campaign 7thAce MTGJoeD Ectar, GiantGrantGames 2024-01-15T22:38:00-06:00 1:31:59 Yes
Bayonetta New Game Normal Reclaimer MTGJoeD Kap 2024-01-16T00:17:00-06:00 1:35:12 No
Dead Space (2023) Any% Unrestricted (Story) sharkhat87 AshSaidHi Meta, NervyDestroyer, Patrick Quinn 2024-01-16T02:23:00-06:00 1:55:14 No
Contrast Any% NallyQ musical_daredevil Ecdycis 2024-01-16T04:26:00-06:00 0:15:19 No
Backyard Skateboarding Any% OG peterafro musical_daredevil yoshipro101 2024-01-16T04:49:00-06:00 0:13:48 Yes
Orbo's Odyssey All Gears BystanderTim musical_daredevil 2024-01-16T05:12:00-06:00 0:10:04 Yes
Super Cable Boy Any% Doublevil musical_daredevil Sybert 2024-01-16T05:28:00-06:00 0:32:16 No
Bad Dudes Any% burst_error musical_daredevil Apesmeister, Bassguy4, Gunstarheroes 2024-01-16T06:10:00-06:00 0:15:17 No
Arkanoid Any% chessjerk Jaypeg Seirea, yelsraek 2024-01-16T06:41:00-06:00 0:31:11 No
Gimmick! Any% (Zipless) Ryan Ford Jaypeg Bean, Teleo 2024-01-16T07:31:00-06:00 0:12:29 Yes
Panic Restaurant Any% (US Version) janglestorm Jaypeg JSR_, Skateman222 2024-01-16T07:55:00-06:00 0:15:29 No
Tempo Any% Hibnotix Jaypeg Lizstar 2024-01-16T08:26:00-06:00 0:20:26 No
Tape to Tape Easy Campaign cavecavecave TrainerAnade Hastan 2024-01-16T09:02:00-06:00 0:19:45 No
The Legend of Zelda 100% Glitchless Cantaloupeme TrainerAnade Adirondackrick, Iceblue 2024-01-16T09:38:00-06:00 0:38:26 Yes
Here Comes Niko! Any% NaomiiiPlays Lanaruse ChristianRoyle 2024-01-16T10:42:00-06:00 0:25:46 Yes
Dinobreak Any% NG+ Gnydsmelt Lanaruse 2024-01-16T11:18:00-06:00 0:19:54 No
Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun Restricted, Chapter 1 Kaos_Wulf Lanaruse Grant 2024-01-16T11:50:00-06:00 0:22:37 No
Gyromite Game B - Dog Assistance JSR_ Lanaruse Threach 2024-01-16T12:30:00-06:00 0:30:00 No
Mario Kart Wii 32 Tracks Skips LoganUS Argick 12_kelvin, dksc4life, zeldacuber1 2024-01-16T13:20:00-06:00 1:10:06 No
Starfield Any% Harcacola Argick metasr, tomatoangus 2024-01-16T14:44:00-06:00 0:41:21 No
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy 100% theflu124 ThomasPatrickWX rachetmania, sir_jazzberry 2024-01-16T15:37:00-06:00 1:44:01 No
Deathsmiles Mega Black Label 1.1 Sakura All Stages Level 3 Raelcun ThomasPatrickWX Char_bunny 2024-01-16T17:28:00-06:00 0:49:10 No
The Checkpoint Day 3 - Tuesday Tech Crew ThomasPatrickWX 2024-01-16T18:19:00-06:00 0 No
Octopath Traveler II Galdera Sanjan frozenflygone Corvimae, Sunnymuffin 2024-01-16T18:51:00-06:00 1:22:29 Yes
Hades 3 Weapons Race (Modded) arcalena, trash_lapras Quacksilver cgull, nnevic 2024-01-16T20:39:00-06:00 0:45:16 Yes
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Zangetsu All Bosses (Hard, NMG) Bobbeigh Nichole Goodnight AshSaidHi, Dr4gonblitz 2024-01-16T22:07:00-06:00 0:30:24 Yes
Granny The Nanthology Maxylobes Nichole Goodnight Bird650, Starwin 2024-01-16T23:04:00-06:00 0:56:59 Yes
Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon vs Claire 1st Hardcore No Damage Attempt CarcinogenSDA AshSaidHi Ecdysis, KatLink, MattDaRoc 2024-01-17T00:11:00-06:00 1:27:57 Yes
Diablo Lvl 1% Sorcerer Funkmastermp AshSaidHi amyrlinn, Raelcun, Shockwve 2024-01-17T01:50:00-06:00 0:37:37 Yes
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Any% Yoshi_Zilla Kungfufruitcup GhostKumo, Glan, SwayNC 2024-01-17T02:39:00-06:00 2:36:11 Yes
Thief: Gold Any% Normal Psych0sis Threach 2024-01-17T05:23:00-06:00 0:41:55 Yes
DuckTales: Remastered Any% Easy Roach788 Threach DukeFireBird 2024-01-17T06:12:00-06:00 0:35:16 No
Gargoyles Remastered Enhanced - Easy Any% Cypherin Threach anarchy, AshSaidHi, Brutal_Melo 2024-01-17T07:11:00-06:00 0:16:37 No
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade) Any% 1CC LRock617 TrainerAnade Cypherin, Rotorstorm331, TempestMask1000 2024-01-17T07:43:00-06:00 0:18:58 No
Goof Troop Co-op (U) Bbforky, swordsmankirby TrainerAnade 2024-01-17T08:19:00-06:00 0:19:57 Yes
Bluey: The Videogame Any% Phillie TrainerAnade DelilahIsDidi, SpikeVegeta 2024-01-17T08:45:00-06:00 0:36:11 No
Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% TheHaxor TrainerAnade GTAce, Kosmic, Stewie_Cartman 2024-01-17T09:30:00-06:00 0:10:45 Yes
The Secret of Monkey Island Any% thewoofs TrainerAnade frozenspade 2024-01-17T10:01:00-06:00 0:29:30 Yes
Satisfactory 2Package% Epiphane ThomasPatrickWX Aaron, Maxxorz, Xenadir 2024-01-17T10:40:00-06:00 0:21:23 No
Metroid Dread 100% NMG JustNZane, CScottyW ThomasPatrickWX hobbit, lolFortify 2024-01-17T11:10:00-06:00 1:49:46 No
Pokémon Crystal Full Item Randomizer (Co-op) Shenanagans, 360Chrism frozenflygone 2024-01-17T13:31:00-06:00 2:01:15 Yes
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Any% Tonkotsu frozenflygone Mr_Shasta, Murmilio 2024-01-17T15:48:00-06:00 1:20:42 No
The Checkpoint Day 4 - Wednesday Tech Crew ateatree 2024-01-17T17:13:00-06:00 0 No
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time MST SpitleSan ateatree thunder_oot 2024-01-17T17:39:00-06:00 2:01:23 Yes
BONUS GAME 2- Super Mario 64 16 Star Drum% CZR ateatree 360Chrism, Thormundgandr 2024-01-17T19:57:00-06:00 0:23:06 Yes
TASBot presents Super Metroid Any% by Sniq dwangoAC iggyzig DarkXoa, stump, TASBot 2024-01-17T20:40:00-06:00 0:35:59 Yes
DOOM (2016) 100% Nightmare Raitro_ j0kerr Bloodshot9001, Hugo Martin, Meta 2024-01-17T21:53:00-06:00 2:27:57 No
Beetlejuice Any% Gargon100 Shado_Temple Bassguy4, Burst_Error, N30V3N0M 2024-01-18T00:41:00-06:00 0:13:38 No
Sneak King 50% Konception Shado_Temple Buffalo_Boone, limy, PrincessAshfire 2024-01-18T01:01:00-06:00 0:23:50 Yes
Ninja Gaiden Any% infinitemystery Shado_Temple grumpmeister 2024-01-18T01:33:00-06:00 0:09:50 No
The Last Ninja Beat the Game janglestorm Shado_Temple Iceblue, JSR_, yelsraek 2024-01-18T01:49:00-06:00 0:08:44 No
Brilliant Bob Any% GaryJGames Shado_Temple amyrlinn, grimwav 2024-01-18T02:06:00-06:00 0:13:23 No
Fort Boyard: The Challenge Full Show tbcr Peace Egg Neetsel, Spocklan116 2024-01-18T02:38:00-06:00 0:34:22 Yes
Skull Island: Rise of Kong Any% SweedOla Peace Egg Ecdycis, j0kerr, shmumbler 2024-01-18T03:20:00-06:00 0:12:25 No
Tintin In Tibet Any% Normal Neetsel Peace Egg FlannelKat, NPC 2024-01-18T03:42:00-06:00 0:24:51 Yes
Zadette Better Gamer% Neetsel Peace Egg NPC, Tenmicu 2024-01-18T04:18:00-06:00 0:14:25 No
Virtual Hydlide Any% Fixed Seed Mechalink Peace Egg NPC 2024-01-18T04:42:00-06:00 0:27:11 No
Pseudoregalia Any% Jaxler TheKingsPride CorundumCore 2024-01-18T05:29:00-06:00 0:17:24 Yes
Skator Gator 3D Any% Ozmourn, allison8bit TheKingsPride Quacksilver, shovelclaws 2024-01-18T05:57:00-06:00 0:11:42 Yes
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Plague of Shadows 100% MooMooAkai TheKingsPride Troyofathyns 2024-01-18T06:23:00-06:00 1:16:16 Yes
COCOON Any% Sunnymuffin THEKyleThomas Asheevee, bobbyburm, Troyofathyns 2024-01-18T07:57:00-06:00 1:28:35 No
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror 3 Player Co-op Any% Kobazco, Mr_Shasta, swordsmankirby Quacksilver 2024-01-18T09:51:00-06:00 0:22:12 Yes
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Any% Famicom / Sypha JSR_ Quacksilver Bedwablackburn, Cantaloupeme, Iceblue 2024-01-18T10:27:00-06:00 0:36:48 Yes
Celeste Strawberry Jam Collab Beginner Lobby talia Quacksilver frozenflygone, Kevin, Sevadra 2024-01-18T11:26:00-06:00 0:49:13 Yes
Super Mario Sunshine 120 Shines sblectric PippyInATopHat Hexspeedruns, Rox 2024-01-18T12:36:00-06:00 2:55:28 No
Pokémon Diamond Any% Etchy Mr. Game and Shout Corvimae, eddaket, Shenanagans 2024-01-18T15:49:00-06:00 1:01:45 Yes
The Checkpoint Day 5 - Thursday Tech Crew Mr. Game and Shout 2024-01-18T17:17:00-06:00 0 No
Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon NG+ Any% True Ending Raine_BT Mr. Game and Shout Cardinal, Edgecase, pmcTrilogy, RebelKnight3000 2024-01-18T17:45:00-06:00 1:33:19 No
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Showcase CarlSagan42 Brutal_Melo jneen, Marble 2024-01-18T20:15:00-06:00 0:36:48 No
Halo: Combat Evolved Coop Easy Helpless, NervyDestroyer Brutal_Melo bryonato, Chronos 2024-01-18T21:08:00-06:00 1:06:26 Yes
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Any% Storied Bobby Blackwolf bryonato, Helix, shovelclaws 2024-01-18T22:42:00-06:00 0:56:59 No
The Last of Us Remastered Any% Yoranto Critique Quartz Mattmatt 2024-01-19T00:01:00-06:00 2:27:01 No
Sprawl Any% BloodThunder Shado_Temple REVEL 2024-01-19T02:46:00-06:00 0:23:24 No
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Any% Distro Shado_Temple NoSleepCoffee 2024-01-19T03:24:00-06:00 0:44:48 Yes
Viewfinder 100% Zoochable Shado_Temple bobbyburm, bryonato, Ozmourn 2024-01-19T04:19:00-06:00 0:34:08 Yes
Gravity Rush Remastered Any% Raine_BT j0kerr Singing Muffin 2024-01-19T05:07:00-06:00 1:40:05 No
Spark the Electric Jester 3 Any% shovelclaws j0kerr Jedi_Ad, Themimik 2024-01-19T06:58:00-06:00 1:09:57 Yes
Undertale True Pacifist Glitchless Race Shayy, mrlink2k ateatree 2024-01-19T08:37:00-06:00 1:49:37 Yes
Luminescent Any% GlitchCat7 ateatree BK, JankPickle, thebourgyman 2024-01-19T10:38:00-06:00 0:41:36 Yes
Dark Souls Any% No Wrong Warp Regole CovertMuffin Ashewyn, QueueKyoo 2024-01-19T11:44:00-06:00 0:44:51 No
Borderlands 2 2 Player Co-op Any% UnjustAction, Deceptix_ CovertMuffin utsu, zzrules21 2024-01-19T12:45:00-06:00 1:21:08 No
Risk of Rain Returns Any% scaz Mr. Game and Shout Altairis, Furon 2024-01-19T14:22:00-06:00 0:18:22 No
Aragami New Game No Out of Bounds Amyrlinn Mr. Game and Shout LadyCyndaquil, MonkeyMan, Shockwve 2024-01-19T14:49:00-06:00 0:25:40 No
The Checkpoint Day 6 - Friday Tech Crew Mr. Game and Shout 2024-01-19T15:16:00-06:00 0 No
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Any% JankPickle Mr. Game and Shout Dangers, GlitchCat7, Kosmic 2024-01-19T15:40:00-06:00 1:25:55 No
Resident Evil 4 (2023) New Game Professional Any% spicee iggyzig CaptainEzekiel, KatLink, MsGraciana 2024-01-19T17:27:00-06:00 1:58:07 No
BONUS GAME 3- Resident Evil 4 (2023) Separate Ways New Game Professional CaptainEzekiel iggyzig KatLink, Nyiddle, spicee 2024-01-19T19:43:00-06:00 0:54:24 Yes
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 100% NMG Relay Marco8641, morpheus080, popesquidward, dopezzera Brutal_Melo, cartridgeblowers 2024-01-19T21:05:00-06:00 4:52:13 Yes
Steelrising Any% Unrestricted NicowithaC AttyJoe CaptainEzekiel, DemonicRobots, TobiThrows 2024-01-20T02:14:00-06:00 0:37:13 No
Mega Serval Any% Mikan AttyJoe 2024-01-20T03:03:00-06:00 0:25:44 Yes
Astalon: Tears of the Earth Black Knight mode Flagalstan AttyJoe altabiscuit 2024-01-20T03:37:00-06:00 0:15:58 No
Star Fox 64 2k% adamX0315 AttyJoe Argick, CMM1215, Smoopasm 2024-01-20T04:07:00-06:00 0:32:33 Yes
Magical Tetris Challenge Magical Tetris (Normal) FFR Pro 21 Jaypeg Piepusher11 2024-01-20T04:52:00-06:00 0:28:38 Yes
Go! Go! Hamster Chef! Inbounds Char_bunny Jaypeg critiquequartz, enbyzee, lizzyberry 2024-01-20T05:38:00-06:00 0:14:05 No
Ghostwire: Tokyo Any% Standard nyiddle Jaypeg CaptainEzekiel, DemonicRobots 2024-01-20T06:05:00-06:00 1:09:20 Yes
Sonic Origins Plus Anniversary Mode Relay itsflyingfox, JoeyBaby69, Sonikkustar, SuperSonic CovertMuffin Argick, Hibnotix 2024-01-20T07:46:00-06:00 2:26:46 No
Fire Emblem: Awakening Normal Mode Kirbymastah Xenadir Aleck47, Quo 2024-01-20T10:36:00-06:00 0:50:52 Yes
Mario Kart 64 All Cups (Skips) kazn Xenadir Brody64, Weatherton 2024-01-20T11:40:00-06:00 0:27:20 No
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Warpless 8-4 Kosmic, GTAce Xenadir Supersonic_, TheHaxor 2024-01-20T12:27:00-06:00 0:39:12 Yes
Elden Ring Any% Unrestricted Mitchriz Xenadir Blanxz, SpikeVegeta 2024-01-20T13:16:00-06:00 0:18:30 Yes
Lies of P Any% blanxz Bobby Blackwolf Mitchriz, Nicowithac 2024-01-20T13:48:00-06:00 0:55:33 No
Trepang2 Any% Unrestricted BloodThunder Bobby Blackwolf CovertMuffin, Maxylobes 2024-01-20T14:51:00-06:00 0:52:45 No
The Checkpoint Day 7 - Saturday Tech Crew Bobby Blackwolf 2024-01-20T15:45:00-06:00 0 No
Lost Judgment Kaito Files Any% Froob Bobby Blackwolf DECosmic, Tapioca 2024-01-20T16:30:00-06:00 0:54:06 Yes
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Any% gymnast86 Kungfufruitcup 2024-01-20T17:55:00-06:00 0:49:04 No
BONUS GAME 4- Baldur's Gate 3 All Acts maeeeeee Kungfufruitcup Chronos, delph, tomatoangus 2024-01-20T19:17:00-06:00 0:33:21 Yes
Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Any% Cutscene Remover Zic3 Prolix FoxyJira, WoadyB 2024-01-20T20:52:00-06:00 2:50:00 Yes
Finale! The End% Tech Crew 2024-01-21T00:03:00-06:00 0:20:00 No

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