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Name Runners Hosts Commentators Description Start Time Run Time Bid Wars
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 100% 2015-07-26T11:00:00-05:00 0 No
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Any% Version 1.0 2015-07-26T14:28:00-05:00 0 No
Shadow the Hedgehog Neutral Story 2015-07-26T15:12:00-05:00 0 No
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut Sonic's Story 2015-07-26T16:00:00-05:00 0 Yes
INCENTIVE: Big the Cat's Story Donation incentive for SADX 2015-07-26T16:43:00-05:00 0 No
Donkey Kong Country All Stages race! 2015-07-26T17:10:00-05:00 0 Yes
INCENTIVE! DKC glitched any% Donation incentive for DKC 2015-07-26T17:52:00-05:00 0 No
Donkey Kong Country 3 2015-07-26T18:19:00-05:00 0 Yes
INCENTIVE! DKC3 Lost World Donation incentive for DKC3 2015-07-26T19:22:00-05:00 0 No
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Any% (Game Over Abuse) 2015-07-26T19:54:00-05:00 0 No
Crash Bandicoot: Warped Race! 2015-07-26T20:56:00-05:00 0 No
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis%; start of Spooky Games Done Quick 2015-07-26T22:14:00-05:00 0 No
Resident Evil 4 Incentive for Professional Mode 2015-07-26T23:27:00-05:00 0 Yes
Silent Hill 2 end of Spooky Games Done Quick 2015-07-27T01:32:00-05:00 0 No
Stranglehold 2015-07-27T02:45:00-05:00 0 No
Shenmue II 2015-07-27T04:08:00-05:00 0 Yes
TRAG: Mission of Mercy 2015-07-27T06:24:00-05:00 0 Yes
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Classic All Goals 2015-07-27T07:31:00-05:00 0 Yes
Disney Extreme Skate Adventure Start of Disney extravaganza 2015-07-27T07:48:00-05:00 0 No
Disney's The Little Mermaid 2015-07-27T08:22:00-05:00 0 No
Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers All Zones race! 2015-07-27T08:40:00-05:00 0 No
DuckTales any% Difficult; start of Summer Games Done Quack 2015-07-27T09:02:00-05:00 0 Yes
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow Incentive for Hard mode; end of Summer Games Done Quack 2015-07-27T09:20:00-05:00 0 Yes
Mickey Mania 2015-07-27T10:07:00-05:00 0 No
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse: HD End of Disney extravaganza 2015-07-27T10:41:00-05:00 0 No
Ghosts N Goblins 2 loop run 2015-07-27T11:32:00-05:00 0 No
Ghouls N Ghosts 2 loop run 2015-07-27T12:07:00-05:00 0 No
Maldita Castilla 100% 2015-07-27T12:44:00-05:00 0 No
Gauntlet (NES) 2015-07-27T13:28:00-05:00 0 No
Gauntlet (PC) Co-op 2015-07-27T13:56:00-05:00 0 No
Toejam and Earl 2015-07-27T15:05:00-05:00 0 No
Dungeon Magic Gren run 2015-07-27T15:36:00-05:00 0 No
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Expert run 2015-07-27T16:05:00-05:00 0 Yes
BONUS! Octodad Dadliest Catch co-op run Bonus game #1 2015-07-27T16:55:00-05:00 0 No
Ninja Baseball Batman 2015-07-27T17:28:00-05:00 0 No
Spica Adventure 2015-07-27T18:03:00-05:00 0 No
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+, TA Death Mode 2015-07-27T18:44:00-05:00 0 No
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+, Doubles Race 2015-07-27T18:59:00-05:00 0 No
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+, 1 handed Doubles 2015-07-27T19:09:00-05:00 0 No
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+, Item mode 2015-07-27T19:19:00-05:00 0 No
Tetris: The Grand Master 3, Sakura mode 2015-07-27T19:39:00-05:00 0 No
Tetris: The Grand Master 3, Master mode 2015-07-27T19:56:00-05:00 0 No
Tetris: The Grand Master 3, Shirase mode 2015-07-27T20:05:00-05:00 0 No
Tetris: The Grand Master 3, Versus 2015-07-27T20:17:00-05:00 0 No
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 2015-07-27T20:36:00-05:00 0 Yes
Bioshock Infinite 2015-07-28T00:17:00-05:00 0 No
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 2015-07-28T02:21:00-05:00 0 Yes
Lovely Planet 2015-07-28T04:56:00-05:00 0 Yes
Digimon World 2015-07-28T05:25:00-05:00 0 Yes
StarTropics 2015-07-28T07:09:00-05:00 0 No
Rygar Glitched any% 2015-07-28T08:27:00-05:00 0 No
Monster Party 2015-07-28T08:43:00-05:00 0 No
Metal Storm 2nd loop 2015-07-28T09:05:00-05:00 0 No
Star Wars (NES) 2015-07-28T09:32:00-05:00 0 Yes
Wizards & Warriors Incentive for All Stages, race 2015-07-28T09:56:00-05:00 0 Yes
Metal Gear (MSX) Big Boss Rank 2015-07-28T10:24:00-05:00 0 No
Rayman 2015-07-28T11:07:00-05:00 0 No
Metroid Prime Hunters All Items 2015-07-28T12:58:00-05:00 0 No
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 100% 2015-07-28T14:32:00-05:00 0 No
Mega Man X8 Race! 2015-07-28T17:19:00-05:00 0 No
Mega Man X2 Race! 2015-07-28T18:52:00-05:00 0 No
BONUS! Mega Man X3 low% buster only 2015-07-28T19:41:00-05:00 0 Yes
Mega Man X4 X 100% 2015-07-28T20:16:00-05:00 0 No
BONUS! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Starting incentive for any%, higher incentive for all bosses 2015-07-28T21:19:00-05:00 0 Yes
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Julius all bosses, incentive for Hard mode 2015-07-28T22:05:00-05:00 0 Yes
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Bid war, Soma vs. Julius 2015-07-28T22:38:00-05:00 0 Yes
INCENTIVE! Portrait of Ruin glitched run Incentive for PoR 2015-07-28T23:19:00-05:00 0 Yes
Ori and the Blind Forest 2015-07-28T23:49:00-05:00 0 Yes
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Pirate mode, incentive for All Dark Magic 2015-07-29T00:49:00-05:00 0 Yes
Mighty Switch Force! 2 2015-07-29T02:05:00-05:00 0 Yes
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Race! 2015-07-29T02:50:00-05:00 0 No
Bastion All Story Levels 2015-07-29T03:48:00-05:00 0 Yes
Half-Minute Hero Hero 30 any%; incentives for Hero 3 and Hero 300 2015-07-29T04:50:00-05:00 0 Yes
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep FM HD Critical Difficulty, Level 1 2015-07-29T05:51:00-05:00 0 No
Gargoyle's Quest Start of Summer Gameboy Done Quick 2015-07-29T07:12:00-05:00 0 No
Kirby's Dream Land 2 End of Summer Gameboy Done Quick, but start of Kirby block 2015-07-29T07:52:00-05:00 0 No
Kirby: Tilt N Tumble Motion sensor game played on a Gamecube; incentive for controller cam 2015-07-29T08:42:00-05:00 0 Yes
Kirby Super Star 100% 2015-07-29T09:06:00-05:00 0 Yes
Kirby's Avalanche vs. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Hardest difficulty, Nintendo vs. Sega bid war 2015-07-29T10:26:00-05:00 0 Yes
Earthworm Jim 2015-07-29T10:50:00-05:00 0 No
Ecco: The Tides of Time 2015-07-29T11:30:00-05:00 0 No
Gunstar Heroes Co-op, incentive for Expert mode 2015-07-29T12:21:00-05:00 0 Yes
Freedom Planet Lilac race 2015-07-29T13:21:00-05:00 0 No
Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble Sonic run 2015-07-29T14:26:00-05:00 0 No
Sonic Advance Amy race 2015-07-29T14:59:00-05:00 0 No
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Race! 2015-07-29T15:32:00-05:00 0 No
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D 2015-07-29T16:14:00-05:00 0 Yes
BONUS! The Legend of Zelda, swordless We'll see just how dangerous it is to go alone, old man. 2015-07-29T18:51:00-05:00 0 Yes
BONUS! The Legend of Zelda, glitched % We'll see just how dangerous it is to go alone, old man. 2015-07-29T19:51:15-05:00 0 No
Earthbound 2015-07-29T20:19:00-05:00 0 Yes
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 2015-07-29T22:05:00-05:00 0 No
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 2015-07-29T23:48:00-05:00 0 Yes
Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue Start of Silly Games Done Quick 2015-07-30T00:49:00-05:00 0 Yes
Samurai Pizza Cats Just as hype (if not even more intense) than any race you've ever seen 2015-07-30T01:35:00-05:00 0 No
Panic Restaurant 2015-07-30T01:55:00-05:00 0 No
Kid Niki 2 2015-07-30T02:13:00-05:00 0 No
Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest 2015-07-30T02:32:00-05:00 0 No
Space Station Silicon Valley 2015-07-30T02:50:00-05:00 0 No
Stretch Panic Incentive for 2 players, 1 controller 2015-07-30T04:21:00-05:00 0 Yes
Roundabout All Cutscenes 2015-07-30T05:03:00-05:00 0 No
BONUS! Oregon Trail Potential end of Silly Games Done Quick 2015-07-30T06:07:00-05:00 0 Yes
[Touhou] Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower Start of Touhou block 2015-07-30T06:27:00-05:00 0 No
[Touhou] Youyou Kengeki Musou End of Touhou block 2015-07-30T07:10:00-05:00 0 No
F.E.A.R. 2015-07-30T07:31:00-05:00 0 No
The Wheel of TIme 2015-07-30T08:42:00-05:00 0 Yes
Unreal 2015-07-30T09:08:00-05:00 0 No
Doom: Scythe UV-Speed 2015-07-30T10:01:00-05:00 0 Yes
Spear of Destiny IADI-Speed (hardest%) 2015-07-30T10:31:00-05:00 0 No
Super Noah's Ark 3D Episodes 1+2, Hard 2015-07-30T10:59:00-05:00 0 No
Quantum Conundrum Incentive for All Collectibles 2015-07-30T11:12:00-05:00 0 Yes
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest 2015-07-30T12:11:00-05:00 0 Yes
Super Castlevania IV 2015-07-30T13:11:00-05:00 0 No
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood 2015-07-30T13:57:00-05:00 0 Yes
BONUS! Shovel Knight low% (shovel only) Yes, this is actually possible 2015-07-30T14:30:00-05:00 0 Yes
Rockman 3 Burst Chaser 2015-07-30T15:35:00-05:00 0 No
Mega Man: The Wily Wars Wily Tower run 2015-07-30T16:16:00-05:00 0 No
Mega Man 4 Race! 2015-07-30T16:42:00-05:00 0 No
Mega Man 10 Incentive for Hard mode 2015-07-30T17:42:00-05:00 0 Yes
Mega Man & Bass (a.k.a. Rockman & Forte) Bid war, Mega Man vs. Bass; end of classic Mega Man block 2015-07-30T18:27:00-05:00 0 Yes
Halo 3 Incentive for Legendary difficulty 2015-07-30T19:28:00-05:00 0 Yes
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2015-07-30T21:40:00-05:00 0 No
Mario Kart 64 150cc All Cups 2015-07-30T22:22:00-05:00 0 No
Doom 64 Be Gentle difficulty, race! 2015-07-30T23:06:00-05:00 0 No
Banjo-Tooie 2015-07-30T23:51:00-05:00 0 No
Donkey Kong 64 No Levels Early 2015-07-31T00:51:00-05:00 0 No
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga 2015-07-31T03:20:00-05:00 0 Yes
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell 2015-07-31T05:07:00-05:00 0 Yes
Super Turrican Hard mode 2015-07-31T06:07:00-05:00 0 No
Zombies Ate My Neighbors 2015-07-31T06:31:00-05:00 0 Yes
Cave Story Best Ending 2015-07-31T07:14:00-05:00 0 No
Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 Incentive for 100% 2015-07-31T08:23:00-05:00 0 Yes
Fallout 2015-07-31T10:11:00-05:00 0 Yes
Fallout 3 2015-07-31T10:33:00-05:00 0 Yes
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion No out of bounds 2015-07-31T11:07:00-05:00 0 Yes
Dustforce DX 2015-07-31T12:23:00-05:00 0 Yes
Wings of Vi Mortal/Purified any% 2015-07-31T13:17:00-05:00 0 No
BONUS! I Wanna be the Boshy 2015-07-31T14:20:00-05:00 0 Yes
Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Azazel run, incentive for Eden run 2015-07-31T15:09:00-05:00 0 Yes
Kid Icarus 2015-07-31T15:46:00-05:00 0 No
Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels Warpless Luigi, Worlds 1 through D 2015-07-31T16:29:00-05:00 0 No
Super Mario Bros. 3 Warpless race, incentive for 100% 2015-07-31T17:24:00-05:00 0 Yes
Super Mario Sunshine Race, incentive for Hoverless 2015-07-31T19:05:00-05:00 0 Yes
BONUS! Luigi's Mansion race Starting incentive for any% no OoB, higher incentive for 100% 2015-07-31T20:58:00-05:00 0 Yes
Pokemon Blue Catch 'em all (151 Pokemon run) 2015-07-31T22:36:00-05:00 0 Yes
INCENTIVE! Pokemon Blue Blindfolded Race 2015-08-01T00:49:00-05:00 0 No
BONUS! Pokemon Puzzle League S-Hard and Spa Service runs 2015-08-01T01:36:00-05:00 0 Yes
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2015-08-01T02:54:00-05:00 0 Yes
Shadow of the Colossus NTA% 2015-08-01T07:20:00-05:00 0 Yes
Batman: Arkham Origins CCH% 2015-08-01T08:39:00-05:00 0 No
BONUS! Minecraft Starting incentive for any%, higher incentive for All Achievements 2015-08-01T09:35:00-05:00 0 Yes
Portal Any% and Any% no OoB runs 2015-08-01T11:06:00-05:00 0 No
Dark Souls II Incentive for 2 players, 1 controller 2015-08-01T11:32:00-05:00 0 Yes
TASBot plays Mega Man 2015-08-01T13:13:00-05:00 0 Yes
TASBot plays Sonic Advance 2015-08-01T13:38:00-05:00 0 No
TASBot plays Ikaruga 2015-08-01T13:53:00-05:00 0 No
Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Any% No Major Glitches; incentive for 100% 2015-08-01T14:26:00-05:00 0 Yes
INCENTIVE! Super Mario 64 any% race 2015-08-01T16:27:00-05:00 0 No
Super Mario 64 120 star race 2015-08-01T16:51:00-05:00 0 Yes
Super Metroid Race! 2015-08-01T19:01:00-05:00 0 Yes
Chrono Trigger Co-op run, incentive for 100% 2015-08-01T20:19:00-05:00 0 Yes
Finale! As usual, it's a miracle if we have enough energy to do shoutouts properly 2015-08-02T01:33:04-05:00 0 No

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