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Name Runners Hosts Commentators Description Start Time Run Time Bid Wars
ape escape 2013-01-06T12:15:00-06:00 0 No
ratchet and clank New Game + 2013-01-06T13:16:00-06:00 0 Yes
shadow complex 100%. Donations for an any% run 2013-01-06T14:48:00-06:00 0 Yes
mischief makers Any% 2013-01-06T16:19:00-06:00 0 Yes
kirby: nightmare in dream land Metaknightmare mode 100% race. 2013-01-06T17:30:00-06:00 0 No
super mario world 2: yoshi's island any%, donations for 100% 2013-01-06T18:07:00-06:00 0 Yes
donkey kong 64 any% glitched 2013-01-06T21:12:00-06:00 0 Yes
banjo-kazooie 100% 2013-01-06T22:17:00-06:00 0 No
die hard WR Attempt 2013-01-07T00:57:00-06:00 0 No
super mario rpg 2013-01-07T01:07:00-06:00 0 Yes
tony hawk's underground 2 2013-01-07T04:17:00-06:00 0 No
trials: evolution 2013-01-07T04:47:00-06:00 0 Yes
super ghouls 'n ghosts Torch run 2013-01-07T06:00:00-06:00 0 No
battletoads and double dragon 2013-01-07T06:57:00-06:00 0 No
skyrim Donated in by you the viewers 2013-01-07T07:38:00-06:00 0 No
rayman or rayman origins Bidding war between the two games. 2013-01-07T09:13:00-06:00 0 Yes
rocket knight adventures Normal difficulty race. 2013-01-07T11:18:00-06:00 0 No
ecco the dolphin 2013-01-07T11:56:00-06:00 0 No
kid chameleon race 2013-01-07T12:40:00-06:00 0 No
sonic cd Soundtrack bidding war, donations for Good Future run 2013-01-07T13:21:00-06:00 0 Yes
sonic 2 Character bid war, race 2013-01-07T14:00:00-06:00 0 Yes
sonic 3 & knuckles vs. mode 2013-01-07T14:34:00-06:00 0 No
mike tyson's punch-out!! Donations for blindfold, midget Sandman, and Mike Tyson KO. 2013-01-07T15:35:00-06:00 0 Yes
super mario bros. 3 No whistles. Donations for 100% 2013-01-07T16:20:00-06:00 0 Yes
super mario world 96-exit race 2013-01-07T17:55:00-06:00 0 No
die harder WR Attempt #2 2013-01-07T19:33:00-06:00 0 No
super meat boy XBLA version 106%, donations for the expert remix levels 2013-01-07T20:02:00-06:00 0 Yes
binding of isaac New Game + with DLC. Donations for character choices. 2013-01-07T22:33:00-06:00 0 Yes
amnesia: the dark descent Donations for saving or killing Agrippa. 2013-01-07T23:29:00-06:00 0 Yes
left 4 dead 4-player co-op 2013-01-08T00:44:00-06:00 0 Yes
grand theft auto 3 2013-01-08T02:54:00-06:00 0 No
fallout 2013-01-08T04:50:00-06:00 0 Yes
fallout 2 2013-01-08T05:20:00-06:00 0 No
commander keen 5 2013-01-08T06:00:00-06:00 0 No
commander keen 6 2013-01-08T06:21:00-06:00 0 No
shadow of the colossus 2013-01-08T06:36:00-06:00 0 Yes
2013-01-08T08:05:00-06:00 0 No
megamari 2013-01-08T08:40:00-06:00 0 No
mega man 4 2013-01-08T09:26:00-06:00 0 No
mega man 7 vs. mega man 8 Bidding war between the two games. 2013-01-08T10:16:00-06:00 0 Yes
rockman and forte Character bid war? 2013-01-08T11:06:00-06:00 0 Yes
mega man 9 (superhero mode) or 10 Bidding war between the two games. 2013-01-08T12:00:00-06:00 0 Yes
mega man x 2013-01-08T12:45:00-06:00 0 Yes
castlevania: aria of sorrow Donations for a Julius boss rush. 2013-01-08T13:38:00-06:00 0 Yes
castlevania: dawn of sorrow Bid war between Soma all-bosses and Julius mode 2013-01-08T14:18:00-06:00 0 Yes
castlevania: symphony of the night Character/category donations 2013-01-08T15:13:00-06:00 0 Yes
ninja gaiden (nes) Any% 2013-01-08T16:12:00-06:00 0 Yes
ninja gaiden 2 (nes) race 2013-01-08T16:39:00-06:00 0 No
ninja gaiden 3 Donations for low% (no-pickup run) 2013-01-08T16:55:00-06:00 0 Yes
goof troop co-op 2013-01-08T17:16:00-06:00 0 No
gimmick! Donations for best ending 2013-01-08T17:38:00-06:00 0 Yes
gremlins 2 2013-01-08T17:57:00-06:00 0 No
blaster master 2013-01-08T18:13:00-06:00 0 Yes
batman (nes) Sunsoft! Donations to make Sinister1 race. 2013-01-08T19:03:00-06:00 0 Yes
batman: arkham city New Game+, donations for sidequests and dlc 2013-01-08T19:20:00-06:00 0 Yes
die harderest WR Attempt #3 2013-01-08T22:11:00-06:00 0 No
metroid prime 100% 2013-01-08T22:35:00-06:00 0 Yes
metroid prime 2 Any% 2013-01-09T00:33:00-06:00 0 Yes
god of war 2 Bonus play 2013-01-09T02:20:00-06:00 0 Yes
ninja gaiden black 2013-01-09T03:53:00-06:00 0 No
umihara kawase Shortest path 2013-01-09T06:32:00-06:00 0 No
scott pilgrim versus the world 4-player co-op 2013-01-09T06:39:00-06:00 0 No
holy diver 2013-01-09T07:43:00-06:00 0 No
earthbound Full-game 2013-01-09T08:22:00-06:00 0 Yes
new super mario bros. (ds) Donations for Mario or Luigi. 2013-01-09T14:17:00-06:00 0 Yes
new super mario brothers wii This will be amazing. 2013-01-09T14:52:00-06:00 0 No
donkey kong country all levels race 2013-01-09T15:41:00-06:00 0 No
donkey kong country 2 2013-01-09T16:25:00-06:00 0 No
donkey kong country returns Any% 2013-01-09T17:20:00-06:00 0 No
super monkey ball Donations for character choice 2013-01-09T19:07:00-06:00 0 Yes
super monkey ball 2 Story mode, donations for file name 2013-01-09T19:35:00-06:00 0 Yes
die hardest A race to end all races. 2013-01-09T20:24:00-06:00 0 No
jet set radio hd 2013-01-09T20:53:00-06:00 0 Yes
f-zero gx Story mode with donations for difficulty mode. 2013-01-09T22:12:00-06:00 0 Yes
sonic generations 2013-01-09T22:47:00-06:00 0 No
sonic colors Game Land for donations 2013-01-10T00:16:00-06:00 0 Yes
sonic 2006 AwfulGDQ begins. Character bid war and donation goal for last story 2013-01-10T01:30:00-06:00 0 Yes
shadow the hedgehog AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T03:14:00-06:00 0 No
sub-terrania AwfulGDQ. Race. Donations for Hard mode 2013-01-10T03:45:00-06:00 0 Yes
earnest evans AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T04:06:00-06:00 0 No
timecop AwfulGDQ FBI, GET ON IT 2013-01-10T04:23:00-06:00 0 Yes
ren & stimpy: stimpy's invention AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T04:54:00-06:00 0 No
blaster master 2 AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T05:12:00-06:00 0 No
bio force ape AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T06:08:00-06:00 0 No
captain comic AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T06:18:00-06:00 0 No
bad dudes AwfulGDQ. I'M BAD! 2013-01-10T06:34:00-06:00 0 No
bayou billy AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T06:56:00-06:00 0 No
renegade AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T07:28:00-06:00 0 No
friday the 13th AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T07:40:00-06:00 0 No
incredible crash dummies AwfulGDQ 2013-01-10T07:56:00-06:00 0 No
metal morph AwfulGDQ ends. There is no hope. 2013-01-10T08:18:00-06:00 0 Yes
mystery game! - pocky & rocky It's in! 2013-01-10T09:19:00-06:00 0 No
timesplitters: future perfect Co-op hard mode 2013-01-10T09:58:00-06:00 0 No
bionic commando: rearmed 2013-01-10T11:27:00-06:00 0 No
braid 2013-01-10T12:11:00-06:00 0 No
starcraft 2 Brutal difficulty 2013-01-10T12:54:00-06:00 0 No
octodad Best game 2013-01-10T16:35:00-06:00 0 No
vvvvvv Donations for any% or 100% 2013-01-10T17:04:00-06:00 0 Yes
portal 2 2013-01-10T18:00:00-06:00 0 Yes
doom 2013-01-10T19:45:00-06:00 0 Yes
doom ii 2013-01-10T20:20:00-06:00 0 No
chex quest 2013-01-10T21:06:00-06:00 0 No
goldeneye Agent run. Donations to raise the difficulty to 00 Agent and unlock all cheats. 2013-01-10T21:20:00-06:00 0 Yes
super metroid 2013-01-10T22:45:00-06:00 0 Yes
metroid zero mission Any% race. Donations for Kraid or Ridley first. 2013-01-10T23:47:00-06:00 0 Yes
dark souls PC version full-game, no Kiln skip. Donations to fight extra bosses. 2013-01-11T01:00:00-06:00 0 Yes
mass effect PC version new game +. Donations for male or female Shephard. 2013-01-11T02:50:00-06:00 0 Yes
darksiders PC version 2013-01-11T04:37:00-06:00 0 Yes
contra 2013-01-11T06:20:00-06:00 0 No
super c 2013-01-11T06:34:00-06:00 0 No
contra 3 low% or bid war with weapon 2013-01-11T06:54:00-06:00 0 Yes
contra: shattered soldier Co-op and donations for true ending run. 2013-01-11T07:32:00-06:00 0 Yes
castlevania 2013-01-11T08:11:00-06:00 0 No
castlevania 3 Donations for character 2013-01-11T08:27:00-06:00 0 Yes
super castlevania iv 2013-01-11T09:04:00-06:00 0 No
final fantasy ix part 1 2013-01-11T09:41:00-06:00 0 Yes
zelda ii: the adventure of link 2013-01-11T15:32:00-06:00 0 Yes
zelda: a link to the past 2013-01-11T17:02:00-06:00 0 Yes
zelda: ocarina of time 100% 2013-01-11T18:45:00-06:00 0 Yes
zelda: ocarina of time any% 2013-01-12T00:36:00-06:00 0 No
devil may cry 3 Very Hard New Game+. Bidding war for Dante (Flicky) or Vergil (Spineshark) 2013-01-12T01:15:00-06:00 0 Yes
metal gear solid 3: snake eater European Extreme difficulty 2013-01-12T03:39:00-06:00 0 Yes
pokemon gold Save corruption glitching 2013-01-12T05:32:00-06:00 0 Yes
super mario 3d land 2013-01-12T08:07:00-06:00 0 Yes
super mario 64 120 star 2013-01-12T09:41:00-06:00 0 Yes
die hard attempt 5 2013-01-12T12:03:00-06:00 0 No
zelda: wind waker 2013-01-12T12:22:00-06:00 0 Yes
super mario world any% 2013-01-12T17:16:00-06:00 0 No
final fantasy ix part 2 Yep, it's that Final Fantasy Finale again. 2013-01-12T17:34:00-06:00 0 Yes
Bonus Games This exists for technical purposes only. If you are reading this text you are doing it wrong. 2013-02-03T15:35:44-06:00 0 Yes

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