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Name Runners Hosts Commentators Description Start Time Run Time Bid Wars
jak and daxter 2014-01-05T11:00:00-06:00 0 No
crash bandicoot any%. Donations for Stormy Ascent bonus level 2014-01-05T12:35:00-06:00 0 Yes
spyro: year of the dragon any% race 2014-01-05T13:48:00-06:00 0 Yes
viewtiful joe kids difficulty, makes sonic jealous 2014-01-05T15:03:00-06:00 0 Yes
pikmin 3 Broken% 2014-01-05T15:56:00-06:00 0 No
super monkey ball 2 race 2014-01-05T17:19:00-06:00 0 Yes
kirby's adventure 2014-01-05T17:50:00-06:00 0 No
cave story best ending 2014-01-05T19:10:00-06:00 0 Yes
tas bot/tas block Gradius, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario World 2014-01-05T20:51:00-06:00 0 Yes
banjo kazooie any% 2014-01-05T21:41:00-06:00 0 No
i wanna be the guy Donation incentive for Gaiden. 2014-01-05T23:15:54-06:00 0 Yes
hotline miami new game +. Possible race 2014-01-06T00:18:54-06:00 0 No
tomb raider 2 2014-01-06T01:16:00-06:00 0 No
vampire: the masquerade: bloodlines 2014-01-06T03:33:00-06:00 0 No
ducktales remastered Donations for Extreme difficulty 2014-01-06T04:32:00-06:00 0 Yes
duck tales 2014-01-06T05:22:00-06:00 0 No
ecco the dolphin glitched run 2014-01-06T05:25:00-06:00 0 No
darkwing duck race, donations for a no items run 2014-01-06T05:41:00-06:00 0 Yes
cocoron WTFJapan begin 2014-01-06T06:07:00-06:00 0 No
kendo rage WTFJapan 2014-01-06T06:32:00-06:00 0 Yes
legend of mystical ninja WTFJapan 2014-01-06T06:50:00-06:00 0 Yes
yume penguin monogatari WTFJapan 2014-01-06T07:31:00-06:00 0 No
no one can stop mr. domino best game. WTFJapan 2014-01-06T07:51:00-06:00 0 Yes
power shovel RIDE THE POWER SHOVEL! WTFJAPAN! 2014-01-06T08:08:00-06:00 0 Yes
actraiser 2 It keeps us on schedule. 2014-01-06T08:32:00-06:00 0 No
sonic r 2014-01-06T09:39:00-06:00 0 Yes
sonic adventure dx 2014-01-06T10:04:00-06:00 0 No
mega man any% glitches 2014-01-06T11:01:00-06:00 0 No
mega man 2 2014-01-06T11:30:00-06:00 0 Yes
rockman and forte 2014-01-06T12:06:00-06:00 0 No
mega man 9 2014-01-06T12:55:00-06:00 0 No
super mario world 2: yoshi's island 100%. Donation incentive for glitched run. 2014-01-06T13:43:00-06:00 0 Yes
katamari damacy WTFJapan end 2014-01-06T16:35:00-06:00 0 No
jazz jackrabbit 2014-01-06T18:04:00-06:00 0 No
bioshock 2014-01-06T18:50:00-06:00 0 Yes
deus ex 2014-01-06T19:48:00-06:00 0 Yes
duke nukem 3d 2014-01-06T21:18:00-06:00 0 Yes
quake respect your elders. easy difficulty 2014-01-06T21:47:00-06:00 0 No
final doom: the plutonia experiment Ultra-Violence difficulty, donation incentive for secret map, "Go 2 it" 2014-01-06T22:21:00-06:00 0 Yes
doom 1 vs. 2 bid war Bid war race! UV difficulty. 2014-01-06T23:51:00-06:00 0 Yes
resident evil 4 Wii version. 2014-01-07T00:42:00-06:00 0 No
halo 2 Donation Incentive for Legendary 2014-01-07T02:28:00-06:00 0 Yes
metal gear solid Extreme difficulty, glitched run 2014-01-07T04:50:00-06:00 0 Yes
metal gear rising hard difficulty 2014-01-07T06:12:00-06:00 0 Yes
little nemo: the dream master 2014-01-07T07:42:00-06:00 0 No
battletoads and double dragon 2014-01-07T07:45:00-06:00 0 No
a boy and his blob 2014-01-07T08:15:00-06:00 0 No
kabuki quantum fighter 2014-01-07T08:17:10-06:00 0 No
journey to silius will we finally see this game? 2014-01-07T08:39:00-06:00 0 No
batman 2014-01-07T08:55:00-06:00 0 No
battletoads Race. Bidding war for any% and warpless. 2014-01-07T09:11:00-06:00 0 Yes
kid icarus 2014-01-07T09:51:00-06:00 0 No
streemerz race. Donations for 16 bags of cash 2014-01-07T10:39:00-06:00 0 Yes
bucky o' hare Donations for hard mode 2014-01-07T10:49:00-06:00 0 Yes
mega man x 100%. Race. 2014-01-07T11:31:00-06:00 0 Yes
mega man x3 100% 2014-01-07T12:18:00-06:00 0 No
mega man x4 Bid war for X and Zero 2014-01-07T13:12:00-06:00 0 Yes
mega man zero 3 2014-01-07T14:01:00-06:00 0 No
super mario land 2: 6 golden coins 2014-01-07T14:50:00-06:00 0 No
super mario bros.: the lost levels 2014-01-07T15:24:00-06:00 0 Yes
super mario bros. Warpless. Donations for a warps run. 2014-01-07T16:15:00-06:00 0 Yes
super mario bros. 3 100% co-op. Donation incentive for a warps run by Mitch 2014-01-07T16:42:00-06:00 0 Yes
super mario world any% no cape/star world, and donation incentive for small-mario only. Race. 2014-01-07T18:46:00-06:00 0 Yes
the legend of zelda: a link to the past 2014-01-07T19:54:00-06:00 0 Yes
the legend of zelda: link's awakening dx Donations for glitched run 2014-01-07T21:32:00-06:00 0 Yes
the legend of zelda: twilight princess Donations for all dungeons 2014-01-07T23:09:00-06:00 0 Yes
barkley shut up and jam! gaiden 2014-01-08T03:53:00-06:00 0 Yes
bastion any% 2014-01-08T05:22:00-06:00 0 Yes
another world 2014-01-08T05:54:00-06:00 0 No
star wars snes Bid war for which one 2014-01-08T06:14:00-06:00 0 Yes
golden axe Bid war for character 2014-01-08T07:06:00-06:00 0 Yes
dungeons and dragons: shadow over mystara co-op. 2014-01-08T07:25:00-06:00 0 No
fire emblem 7/sacred stones Bid war between the two games. 2014-01-08T08:00:00-06:00 0 Yes
fire emblem sacred stones Bid war between the two games. 2014-01-08T08:01:00-06:00 0 No
secret of mana 3-player co-op 2014-01-08T10:38:00-06:00 0 Yes
star fox 64 bid war between high score and speedrun 2014-01-08T13:08:00-06:00 0 Yes
super meat boy any% race 2014-01-08T14:27:00-06:00 0 No
x-men mutant apocalypse marvel% 2014-01-08T14:59:00-06:00 0 No
donkey kong 64 glitches% 2014-01-08T15:28:00-06:00 0 Yes
donkey kong country 101%. Donations for a glitched run 2014-01-08T16:33:00-06:00 0 Yes
donkey kong country 2 possible race, and donation incentive for lost world levels done by dragonballjoseph. 2014-01-08T17:57:00-06:00 0 Yes
donkey kong country 3 any%, donations for warpless 2014-01-08T18:52:00-06:00 0 Yes
diddy kong racing 100%. Donations for glitched text storage 2014-01-08T19:52:00-06:00 0 Yes
castlevania bloodlines Expert difficulty. Donations for Lecarde or Morris 2014-01-08T22:05:00-06:00 0 Yes
castlevania: symphony of the night Richter all bosses race, and donation incentive for an Alucard any% run. 2014-01-08T22:50:00-06:00 0 Yes
mario kart 64 skips 2014-01-08T23:55:00-06:00 0 Yes
f-zero Grand Prix 2014-01-09T00:38:00-06:00 0 No
f-zero gx Story mode. Donations for very hard. 2014-01-09T01:41:00-06:00 0 Yes
sonic 2006 broken% 2014-01-09T02:20:00-06:00 0 No
glover race, AwfulGDQ. Donations for glove costumes. 2014-01-09T02:57:00-06:00 0 Yes
prayerwarriors: a.o.f.g. AwfulGDQ 2014-01-09T04:12:00-06:00 0 No
zoo race hard mode 100% race. AwfulGDQ begins! 2014-01-09T04:33:00-06:00 0 No
pac-man 2: the new adventures AwfulGDQ star 2014-01-09T04:54:00-06:00 0 Yes
captain novolin AwfulGDQ 2014-01-09T06:07:00-06:00 0 No
attack of the killer tomatoes AwfulGDQ 2014-01-09T06:22:00-06:00 0 Yes
e.t. 2014-01-09T06:36:00-06:00 0 No
rad raygun AwfulGDQ 2014-01-09T06:43:00-06:00 0 No
garfield: a week of garfield AwfulGDQ 2014-01-09T06:58:00-06:00 0 No
donald land AwfulGDQ 2014-01-09T07:13:00-06:00 0 No
two crude dudes AwfulGDQ 2014-01-09T07:38:00-06:00 0 No
batman returns Genesis version. AwfulGDQ 2014-01-09T08:02:00-06:00 0 No
spiderman and x-men: arcade's revenge AwfulGDQ 2014-01-09T08:19:00-06:00 0 No
shinobi legions AwfulGDQ, Cutscenes% 2014-01-09T08:56:00-06:00 0 No
contra force AwfulGDQ end 2014-01-09T10:00:00-06:00 0 No
contra co-op 2014-01-09T10:24:00-06:00 0 Yes
super c co-op 2014-01-09T10:41:00-06:00 0 No
contra iii: the alien wars 2014-01-09T10:59:00-06:00 0 Yes
chip 'n dale: rescue rangers co-op 2014-01-09T11:25:00-06:00 0 No
ninja gaiden 2014-01-09T11:41:00-06:00 0 No
ninja gaiden 2 Donations for sword-only 2014-01-09T12:00:00-06:00 0 Yes
ninja five-o normal difficulty 2014-01-09T12:21:00-06:00 0 No
mark of the ninja new game + 2014-01-09T13:04:00-06:00 0 Yes
mystery game 2014-01-09T13:45:00-06:00 0 No
the mask 2014-01-09T13:50:00-06:00 0 No
hitman: blood money Silent Assassin run 2014-01-09T14:08:00-06:00 0 Yes
mirror's edge PC version race 2014-01-09T15:43:00-06:00 0 No
the elder scrolls: skyrim 2014-01-09T16:35:40-06:00 0 No
vvvvvv Donations for all trinkets 2014-01-09T17:41:00-06:00 0 Yes
age of empires 2 Scenario bid war 2014-01-09T18:49:00-06:00 0 Yes
starcraft ii: heart of the swarm Brutal difficulty 2014-01-09T19:09:00-06:00 0 No
half-life hard difficulty 2014-01-09T22:47:00-06:00 0 Yes
half-life 2 easy difficulty 2014-01-09T23:37:00-06:00 0 No
portal Race. in-bounds vs. oob donation war 2014-01-10T02:05:00-06:00 0 Yes
portal 2 co-op or solo co-op 2014-01-10T02:27:00-06:00 0 No
quantum conundrum 2014-01-10T03:20:00-06:00 0 No
typing of the dead 2014-01-10T04:28:00-06:00 0 No
surgeon simulator 2013 2014's Octodad? co-op 2014-01-10T05:36:00-06:00 0 No
borderlands 2 co-op 2014-01-10T06:16:00-06:00 0 Yes
dishonored Bid war between any% and a non-lethal/ghost run 2014-01-10T09:10:00-06:00 0 Yes
antichamber 2014-01-10T10:10:00-06:00 0 Yes
tony hawk's underground 2 2014-01-10T10:40:00-06:00 0 Yes
tony hawk's american wasteland co-op. Donations for a THPS3 run 2014-01-10T11:15:00-06:00 0 No
blast corps any% race 2014-01-10T11:33:00-06:00 0 No
mr. driller drill spirits 2000 meters. Blindfolded incentive? 2014-01-10T12:19:00-06:00 0 Yes
pokemon soul silver Glitched run. 2014-01-10T12:49:00-06:00 0 Yes
mike tyson's punch-out!! DanielSan% 2014-01-10T16:00:00-06:00 0 Yes
super punch-out Donations for blindfolded 2014-01-10T16:46:00-06:00 0 Yes
alien soldier 2014-01-10T17:20:00-06:00 0 No
the legend of zelda: majora's mask any% 2014-01-10T18:01:00-06:00 0 Yes
the legend of zelda: ocarina of time All Dungeons race 2014-01-10T19:48:00-06:00 0 Yes
metroid prime any% 2014-01-10T21:52:00-06:00 0 Yes
super metroid race 2014-01-10T23:42:00-06:00 0 Yes
metroid zero mission 100%. Donation incentive for a hard low% run instead. 2014-01-11T00:48:00-06:00 0 Yes
goldeneye Co-op run. 2014-01-11T02:11:00-06:00 0 Yes
perfect dark Perfect Agent difficulty 2014-01-11T02:49:00-06:00 0 Yes
f-zero x Grand Prix and donation incentive for expansion cups 2014-01-11T04:09:00-06:00 0 Yes
grand theft auto: vice city All Missions 2014-01-11T05:36:00-06:00 0 No
super mario galaxy 2 2014-01-11T08:58:00-06:00 0 Yes
paper mario 2014-01-11T12:33:00-06:00 0 Yes
super mario 64 16-star one-handed. 2014-01-11T15:09:00-06:00 0 Yes
luigi's mansion The only setup appropriate for a finale 2014-01-11T15:40:00-06:00 0 No
minecraft It made it! 2014-01-11T16:03:00-06:00 0 No
the legend of zelda: wind waker hd 2014-01-11T16:20:00-06:00 0 Yes
chrono trigger donations for 100%, and a possible donation incentive for new game+ by Adrian 2014-01-11T21:41:00-06:00 0 Yes
bonus stream 2014-01-12T11:00:00-06:00 0 Yes

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